The MPIKC Strategic Plan represents the long-term goals and objective of the chapter. Each function area has three overall objectives with supporting statements that help to more clearly define each goal. This document is used the to assist the Board in developing the annual marketing plan, which represents the chapter’s one-year or short-term chapter goals.

The Board reviews the Strategic Plan annually and issues a new Strategic Plan every three years.


  1. Annually review and enhance the format of the Educational Conference.
    1.1 Define and develop the “marketplace” concept to meet our chapters needs.
    1.2 Design and implement various methods for evaluation of conference.
    1.3 Explore alternate educational, networking and fundraising opportunities.
  2. Produce an Educational Conference that reaches all levels of membership experience and expertise.
    2.1 Identify chapter members able to provide presentation services at the Educational Conference.
  3. Successfully market and produce the educational conference.
    3.1 Utilize resources of other chapter committees.
    3.2 Create and implement effective partnership marketing strategy with industry-related associations.


  1. MPIKC will maintain an effective website.
    1.1 Develop a self-maintenance system for keeping information current.
    1.2 Review and upgrade software technology and application with current technology trends.
    1.3 Continually define members needs for chapter website.
  2. MPIKC website becomes the primary source for chapter and industry information.
    2.1 Increase volume of online registration for chapter activities.
    2.2 Increase information on website to include current printed communications.
    2.3 Offer industry resources accessibility.
  3. Website will become a revenue source.
    3.1 Increase advertising opportunities.
    3.2 Increase product and educational offerings online.


  1. Secure the health of the chapter by conducting the annual Nominations Process.
    1.1 Consider Planner/Supplier ratio of nominees.
    1.2 Follow national MPI calendar guidelines.
    1.3 Comply with national MPI process guidelines.
  2. Improve communication process to members.
    2.1 Describe commitment and job descriptions with nomination forms.
    2.2 Increase members for responses and participation.
  3. Develop cross section of members for selection committee.
    3.1 Consider planner/supplier ratio of selection committee.
    3.2 Involve new and old members including past board and past presidents.


  1. Provide the very best education programs.
    1.1 Formally assess the educational interests of the membership.
    1.2 Provide education programs on all levels of expertise.
    1.3 Increase the number of technical and special programs.
  2. Expand opportunities for education.
    2.1 Develop and implement alternative and/or cost effective programming (i.e. brown bag).
    2.2 Promote attendance at international conferences, institutes and symposia.
    2.3 Promote awareness encourage CMP/CMM designations.


  1. MPIKC shall be an avenue to nurture new leaders for the meeting professional industry.
    1.1 Empower committee members in order to increase involvement.
    1.2 Offer leadership training to membership.
  2. Provide transitional leadership by effectively mentoring the President Elect position.
    2.1 Give a clear understanding of roles and responsibilities for their position.
    2.2 Provide an avenue to increase exposure of President Elect to the membership.
  3. To be a guardian of the healthy operations of the chapter.
    3.1 Provide clear communication between the chapter and national.
    3.2 Insure chapter compliance with international guidelines.


  1. Develop formalized process for transition to Presidency.
    1.1 Participate in decision making.
    1.2 Gain a clear understanding of roles and responsibilities for their position.
    1.3 Seek exposure opportunities at chapter activities.


  1. To increase revenue for the chapter by developing and executing profitable, “fun”raising events.
    1.1 Explore opportunities for fundraising in conjunction with monthly programs.
    1.2 Grow and/or expand existing events to maximize revenue.
    1.3 Explore and evaluate partnership opportunities.


  1. Expand community service opportunities.
    1.1 Identify and develop chapter’s unique vehicles of service.
    1.2 Create membership buy-in of chosen vehicle of service.
  2. Broaden public knowledge and awareness of MPIKC through community service activities.
    2.1 Provide communications regarding successes to members and to community.
    2.2 ??


  1. Expand member benefits and services.
    1.1 Develop a vehicle to increase awareness of career opportunities within the industry.
    1.2 Expand and enhance scholarship opportunities.
    1.3 Increase awareness of industry resources through MPI.
  2. Effectively communicate member benefits and services.
  3. Get ’em & keep them
    3.1 Ambassador
    3.2 Committee involvement.


  1. Improve communication among the membership.
    1.1 Improve newsletter effectiveness
    1.2 Develop process for effective delivery of chapter event announcements.
    1.3 Maintain accuracy of membership directory.
  2. Increase internal board communication and communication between committees.
    2.1 Maintain procedures for distribution of board meeting minutes and correspondence.
    2.2 Develop a process for centralized communication tools among committees.
  3. Increase public awareness of MPIKC.
    3.1 Develop and maintain attractive media guide.
    3.2 Establish and maintain media contacts.
    3.3 Search out and utilize resources in the community for public awareness.


  1. Promote positive financial growth of chapter.
    1.1 Maintain/grow plan to secure full sponsorship of all programs/events.
    1.2 Minimize financial exposure of chapter through long-range planning.
  2. Expand sponsorship scope by enhancing sponsorship opportunities.
    2.1 Offer new/creative ways for members to provide money/goods support.
    2.2 Identify potential sponsors outside the membership.
  3. Improve ROI for sponsors.
    3.1 Provide additional benefits to sponsors.
    3.3 Increase sponsors’ exposure to membership.


  1. Serve as an informational resource for the Board and membership.
    1.1 Provide timely and appropriate responses to board and member inquiries.
    1.2 Maintain a clear understanding of chapter and international operations.
  2. Create and maintain streamlined and effective communication processes.
  3. Maintain accurate records.
    3.1 Financial
    3.2 “Databases”
    3.3 Program registration/CEU’s
    3.4 Compliance – local/international


  1. Maintain & Monitor fiscal compliance with MPI National.
  2. Create and maintain an effective budgeting process.
  3. Oversee the health of the chapter’s finances.
    3.1 quarterly award at chapter programs starting December 2001.